Northern Lights

You have an excellent chance of seeing Northern Lights in Junosuando.  The pictures in the slide show above were all taken within a 3 minute walk from the guesthouse and hostel cottage.  When the lights are this active they can easily be seen from the windows of the house.

The Northern Lights can be seen from late August to early April.  They do not occur every night and the sky must be clear and dark to see them.  Most people that stay at least 3 or 4 nights during the winter months will see the Northern Lights but the display varies in intensity.  Really excellent multi-colour displays filling the whole sky may not occur every week.  It is more common to see them as a green curtain or arc moving in the Northern sky.

Snow, Cold and the Polar Night

From November to January the days are very short.  During the few weeks around the winter solstice, December 21, the sun does not rise above the horizon at all.  During these darkest weeks, there are about 4-5 hours of daylight/day.  Extreme cold temperatures as low as minus 40 Celsius are possible at from November to February, but temperatures around minus 15 or 20 are more common and it can even be as warm as 0 Celsius sometimes.  The light hours are few but the quality of light is extremely beautiful in January and February.

By March the days are long and bright and we expect milder weather in the days and cold temperatures at night.  It's the perfect time to be active outdoors.

Cross-country skiING AND SnowshoeING

Cross-country skis and snowshoes are available to rent for 150 SEK/person/day, or 400 SEK/person/week.  To guarantee availability while you are here, please book in advance.  We can arrange a guided two hour ski or snowshoe tour for 600 SEK/person. Minimum 2 people/booking, advanced booking required.

From February to early April there are five to fifteen kilometres of prepared ski trails around the village.  It is also possible to walk beside the ski tracks on snowshoes.  Skiing or snowshoeing off trail or on snowmobile tracks is also a possibility.

Kick-sleds and DownHill Sledding

We have a few kick-sleds and a few sledding mattresses available to borrow, free of charge. There is a good sledding hill within a few minutes' walk of the guesthouse and hostel cottage.  Kick-sleds can be used to get around on the village roads which are covered with packed snow and ice for most of the winter.


We can help you arrange a husky sled tour in the village Merasjärvi, 40 km from Junosuando.  We will transfer you by car to the husky kennel where your guide will introduce you to your dog team and lead you in a 4 hour tour over a distance of about 35 km.  You will drive your own husky sled together with a partner, taking turns, one sitting and one standing and driving the dogs.  Halfway through you will enjoy a warming lunch by the campfire.  Price: 2150 SEK/person. Minimum age requirement: 12 years.  Minimum 2 people/booking.  Advance booking required.

Camp Three Rivers-Overnight Wilderness Excursions

Camp Three Rivers is a forest camp with several cosy sleeping huts, group cabin and wood fired sauna away from the village just a few kilometres upstream from the guesthouse. The camp  is located right where Tärendö River has its origin, leading  water away from Torne River. Tärendö River eventually joins to Kalix River. These are three natural, big, free-flowing rivers and unique in Europe.  We can help you arrange an overnight adventure at the camp with wonderful opportunities for skiing, snowshoeing, Northern Lights observation and sauna. Overnight, all-inclusive stays at the camp are from 1500 SEK/person/night.  Read more at or contact us for information.

SnowSHOE and Sauna evening at CAmp Three Rivers

Together with your local guide snowshoe through snow-laden forest and over the frozen river to Camp Three Rivers, where you will bathe, relax and refresh yourself in the sauna heat and steam.   The camp is away from all light pollution and a perfect spot to observe the Northern Lights.  800 SEK/person for approx. 3 hour sauna/snowshoe experience. Minimum 2 people/booking.  Advance booking required.