Midnight Sun

You can witness the midnight sun in Junosuando from late May to the second week of July.  Even during the few weeks before and after that period the days are very long and the nights never truly dark.  The evenings and nights are so beautiful you will not want to go to bed!

Summer weather

The ice breaks up on water bodies and the snow melts away in May.  By early June the snow and ice are all gone and the short but intense summer months start.   Summer daytime temperatures range from about 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.  Summer weather includes sun, cloud, wind and rain. The mosquito season is from about the third week of June to the beginning of September.  From the beginning of September the night temperature can drop below zero and the very first snowfall usually occurs by the end of September.

Bicycle rental

We have a few bicycles to rent for 150 SEK/day or 500 SEK/person/week.  The bikes are good for cycling on paved and gravel roads.

Canoe Rental

We have two canoes with paddles and life-vests available to rent.  Please enquire for details.

Isojärvi-Swimming Lake

For those that enjoy a dip in cold water, there is a beach on the lake, Isojärvi, about two kilometres from the guesthouse. 

Day trips for those with their own car

There are a few interesting culture-historic and natural areas that can be visited if you have your own car or by bicycle.  Please enquire for more information.

Sauna at Camp Three Rivers

Together with your local guide make a short walk (500 m) and then rowboat tour over Tärendö River to Camp Three Rivers.  Your guide will help you fire the traditional wood-fired sauna.  Bathe, relax and refresh yourself in the sauna heat and steam at your leisure.  Experience the exhilaration of taking a dip in the cold river water. Price: 800 SEK/person.  Approx. 3 hour activity. Minimum 2 people/booking.  Includes towels and refreshments.

Guided Overnight Canoe Excursion at Camp Three Rivers

Canoe Torne River, one of Europe’s last remaining free flowing rivers.  We will paddle a section of the river from Kurkkio to Junosuando overnighting in cosy log cabins at Camp Three Rivers. 

Day one:  Start approx. 13.00 from Junosuando Guesthouse.  We travel by car about 30 minutes to the tiny village, Kurkkio, where the canoe excursion begins.  Canoeing downstream through mainly calm water, the trip is ideal for beginners, families and experienced paddlers that enjoy a relaxed pace.  We will paddle a distance of about 15 kilometres.  Along the way, we will do some fishing and, with luck, make a catch to cook over the campfire.  The river is vast with sandy pine forested banks.  At Camp Three Rivers your guide will help you get settled, fire the sauna and cook a tasty meal with local ingredients.  Relax in the sauna and chat by the campfire in the evening. 

Day two:   After a leisurely morning, with opportunities to fish or hike, we pack up and paddle to Junosuando, a distance of 3 kilometres.  We arrive at Junosuando Guesthouse at approx. 13.00.

Price: 2000 SEK/person, children (up to 15 years old) half price. Swimming requirement: Comfortable in water and able to swim 100 metres. Includes:  Canoe and fishing equipment, snack and dinner day 1 and breakfast day 2, accommodation in two person huts at Camp Three Rivers,  bed linen and towels